Searching Off Market

Searching Off Market

Searching Off Market


Let's talk about off-market property searching. Doing an off-market property search yourself is super simple and straightforward.

Firstly, what is an off-market property though? It is a property where the owner wants to sell their property.
However, for one reason or another, they may not want to pay for marketing such as or they just may want to quietly sell the property. 

Step Number 1 - Keeping in touch with your agent.

Making sure that you keep in touch with your agent and keep communication up will ensure that you stay fresh and in the front of the agent's mind
so whenever they come across any property that may be off-market, you're the first person they think about.

Step Number 2 - Make sure to request a tour. 

Make sure that you request a tour around the area with your agent. We always do in-car tours around the area with buyers,
asking them what properties they like, or what properties they don't like, and why.

Pointing out what you do and don't like while you're going for a drive around the area with your agent is a great way
for them to know exactly what you're looking for in an off-market property.

Step Number 3 - Consistently ask your agent for an updated off-market stock list.

We agents keep off-market stock lists in our office of properties that have decided they want to sell but don't necessarily want to go to market.
Making sure that you ask for an updated one of these every two weeks will ensure that you're knowing exactly what is off-market and for sale in your area.