How the Toowoomba property market works…

How the Toowoomba property market works…

How the Toowoomba property market works…

Is there a perfect time to sell?

Is there a perfect time to buy?

How is Toowoomba linked to the wider property market?

Well, in this piece we’re going to answer those questions and more. We’re constantly fielding questions like this and we thought it’s about time we actually put pen to paper…or fingers to keyboard…and put it out there for everyone to know.

Like almost everything in life, the Toowoomba property market runs in a cycle. It works based on a few key influences that are unique to Toowoomba but mean that we’re able to benefit from one of the states most reliable property markets and we’re not subject to those scary big drops in prices like Sydney and Melbourne.

The Toowoomba property cycle works a bit like this…

January — March

This is usually a pretty good time to sell. The weather is warm and people are feeling refreshed and ready to buy after the Christmas break.

April — May

Enquiry drops off a little bit and this time is usually spent working with those last few buyers from the warmer months.

June — August

Winter hits and the market seems to enter hibernation mode. We’re lucky to do a few deals in the cooler months, that’s not to say they don’t happen, but they are few and far between. We all know how those Toowoomba winters can get.

September — December

When Toowoomba comes alive for The Carnival of Flowers that’s when the market really heats up and we do a lot of business. The weather is perfect and the city is buzzing with a vibe that you just can’t describe. Toowoomba is a great place to be during this time.

Christmas — New Year

Everyone enters holiday mode following an exciting Spring period and not much happens over Christmas through to New Year. However, this is a good time to have your property listed online as plenty of people are sitting at home with nothing to do so they end up on and looking for their next home or project for the new year.

You’d be surprised how many calls and emails we get enquiring in this time but most people wait until January to actually get serious and look through properties.

So, that’s the Toowoomba property cycle. You can nearly bet on this playing out almost perfectly every year. For the last 20+ years we’ve certainly seen it happen like this and we can’t see anything drastically changing it.

We hope that this answers a few of those questions you may have had and enlightened you on how the machine that is the Toowoomba property market functions.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to get in touch with us.