The Mill's Production Testimony

The Mill's Production Testimony

The Mill's Production Testimony

We’re thrilled to have found a space for Chris & Emily from The Mills Production. They’ve got a fantastic store on Russell Street - go check it out!

[Video Transcript]

Chris and Emily: Hi there I’m Chris. And I’m Emily. We’re from the Mills Production. We have an

indoor plant shop here in Toowoomba and we also have a store in Pittsworth. We have only just

opened up at the start of May and thanks to Qld Hot Property for getting us an awesome

location. We are fully decked out and ready for people to come and spend up big. We began

almost 12 months ago, thanks to COVID this all kicked off, we started in our dining room,

eventually expanding to our back yard, to our first shop in Pittsworth and then to here in the

lovely shop in Russell Street and it’s just growing day by day, month by month and we’re super

happy about. We were looking to do a pop-up shop towards the end of the year here in

Toowoomba so we got in contact with a few Real estates and mentioned that we were looking

around and Leon came through with the goods and said I have got this great property, really

good location and good parking, great rent. So here we are, all systems go. A lot sooner than

we expected, but no regrets, it’s been absolutely amazing.