One Property, One Person.

One Property, One Person.

One Property, One Person.

We understand people want to talk to people. We also understand that you want someone who knows your property inside & out!


[Video Transcript]

Jacob: It’s really important that when we’re managing property, be it residential or commercial

property, that you’re dealing with one person from end to end, from the front door to the back

fence, from the start of the tenancy throughout the tenancy, and then at the end as well. You’re

not getting bounced around between a couple of different people all doing different jobs. The

same person does your routine inspections, the same person does your entry condition report,

your exit condition report, everything in between.


Leon: Yeah, and I know as an investor, when you’re buying and selling property, whether it’s

residential or commercial, it is important for me as the investor to just deal with that one person.

So whether it’s residential with Jacob, or whether it’s commercial with me, you know, you’re only

dealing with that one person. And because we’re a family-owned business, you get that

personal touch.