National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day

In the spirit of National Pizza Day - we've teamed up with our friends from Pizza Guardians to deliver some pizza to some legendary local businesses around Toowoomba.

Business has already been tough for some in 2022 so we wanted to give back and surprise people with some pizza - JUST BECAUSE! And who doesn't love pizza!



Video Transcript: 


We’re down here at Pizza Guardians at their new store in Kearneys Spring. And we're gonna actually go out and do some random acts of kindness today for some local businesses in celebration of National Pizza Day.


Thanks mate.


Do we want to strap them in?


Just doing some random acts of kindness and thought we’d drop over some pizzas for you and the boys working away in the hot sun.


Thank you.


Hello. How are you? 


Good. How are you?




Just some pizza for National Pizza Day sharing the love around. 


Thank you.


Been a bit of a tricky week with the rain and stuff, so we thought we'd drop some pizza down from Pizza Guardian for some of the local businesses.


Ah, you're in uniform as well. How are you doing?


How are you?


Good, thank you. These are for you. Just some random acts of kindness for people, you know, it's been a bit of a tricky week.